Friday, November 7, 2008

Where is my light....? March 26, 2006

It is dark and it is cold in the deep woods.
I see no light but shadows with no end.
The winds are fast and they tire me down
My husky and me, we walk for home.

Its been days lost in the snow
He turns around and looks at me
His eyes half closed;”Where is my home?”
“Where is my light?” he seems to ask.

I smile and we walk on brave
As he turns away; my smile fades
The fear returns to my face
But he walks stronger now, faith in his master

There will be light, he knows now
“But where is my light?”, I pray.
It’s colder now and my breath is short
My steps faltering and Still we walk....

He turns around once more
I have fallen, he comes running.
His warm breath on my face
like the first time that I held him (in the palm of my hand).

Now his eyes that of strength
I hold him for some time
My blood warms to his eyes
I get up and we walk

The storm rising and Snow falling
We will walk, a pact unsaid
But how long, How far?
I know my light shines somewhere

“Blue from cold, without food and water
Man and husky walk to survive
I watch my sons struggle to live
But my hands are tied.”

“I want them to find thier way
I want them to stand on thier own
For I have made them in my face
I want them to stand on their own”

“My love for them is endless
I want them to find themselves in their eyes
Man and husky bound by no thread
Neither by blood or by specie, united by life.”

I see green leaves, familiar in mind
I see my favorite pine, my husky his
I see the temple dome of village
A single candle burning bright on the spire

I see my light, far and distant
I walk on and all the fatigue is gone
My husky falls all of sudden
He is still; his eyes are blue and open.

In his eyes, I see my light.
For him, I would have been in the woods
Cold and frigid But he has moved on.
His life tough and worth

I pull him on to my shoulder
As I walk over the frozen stream
Lord, I know now where my light is.
It’s in the eyes, the Eyes of your sons

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