Friday, November 7, 2008

Be My Valentine........ February 14, 2006

Neither a fancy nor a fantasy,
You are to me what wind is to sail.
In times of tryst, i have found clarity

Ghostly apparition;Your face, your words.

To not have you in my life
Punishing but real and inevitable
To love once again and then be contend
To die and then to live?

Having held and kissed you
memories sweet and yet painful
The journey is long and without direction
Except for the beacon unlit; yet so bright

The winds have died down, the rains gone
The sun lost in clouds.
Long to be together for once, if not forever
Once together, how not forever??

Precious price, deadly price
But for you to gift to me
Wishes may come true, but
Gather not what you cannot bear.

Parting is certain in life
But not knowing you, is not worth
The Few who have walked along
Failed to cast such impression.

To live with out your love,
it completes not my life.
So walk with me for one last time
And then let the sun set for ever.......

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