Friday, November 7, 2008

Each Man for...... March 01, 2006

Today as i think for the future,
My past looks over my shoulder
Still wanting to play my today.

Why is it that I can’t be what I used to be?
I wanted to be one who has no defines
But ended up, defined and confined....

Well, no more tolerance for what is banal
No more chains will bind me from glory
No more pondering with that is inconsequential.

Each one thinks of him as center
Blame him not, believe him not
All centers go round and round till they fall.

Realize this futility of such circular pursuit
And then you will see the vision.
Transcend the greater realms of destiny.

My little words in the new sea will grow.
Beyond millions and beyond ages.
Time to rethink and rewrite the rules.

My little words will taketh them to new heavens;
Then in my sleep, will be dreams of peace.
Each man for himself and then for the world.

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