Friday, November 7, 2008

Blaze of glory........... February 18, 2006

It means nothing anywhere, anymore,
I am lost with nowhere to go.

In the middle of the night, riding fast;
Its thrills me no more, the streets just a blur.

In the midst of the crowd, standing tall;
Intellect ablaze, kills me so more.

Invisible friends, invincible foes;
I wish to sleep without dreams.

Invitations treacherous, no one to trust;
Incessant tingles of deceptive pleasure.

Intoxicating is the pain, but no regrets
Incomprehensible for the soul-less.

Inevitable the end, but the run seems endless.
Into the journey to deaths of the sinister.

I am one who can't deceive; but in me is the will to.
I wish to save but in the end, its the contrary.

Ill will not remain me for long, as I decide
I will be but a vehicle for success

I will be driven but by the will to survive.
I will be emancipated from all that tangles.

Is it not me who hold that key? Where treasures lie beyond
I wish not to see days such, where am no longer me.

It is time to go to places; beyond smoke and shadow.
I know not of place such, but will seek till I find.

- Rahul dev

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